January 4, 2022

So You Want to Implement Gunshot Detection? Here’s What to Expect

By Bridget Minner


The start of any technology integration process can seem daunting. Having many moving parts can make it difficult to know where to begin. When you partner with Acoem to install our ATD gunshot detection system, you can trust that we’re committed to making the process smooth for everyone involved. Our standard integration process follows this flow:

1. Consultation
During the consultation phase, we’ll provide you with an overview and demonstration of the technology. Our goal during this initial discussion is to gain a strong understanding of your community’s needs when it comes to protection. We’ll also gauge who your integrator is and what technology systems you currently have in place such as a VMS or cameras. If you do not have an integrator, we will set you up with one. The integrator will need to be included in the conversations early on since they will be responsible for setup. During this portion of the process, we’ll also conduct research to understand crime statistics in your area so that we can develop a strong understanding for areas that might need protection.

2. Quotation
Now that we have a thorough understanding of your goals and the locations in question, we’ll develop a comprehensive protection plan that shows you sensor and camera placement plotted out on a map. You’ll also receive a pricing quote. This usually comes from the systems integrator on our behalf.

3. Site Visit
After the quotation phase, we may send an ATD expert out to you so you can show us the site you are trying to protect. This can help us prepare for integration and anticipate any special needs.

4. Grant Consultation
Once you’re ready to move forward with the quote you received, we might connect you with a grant funding consultant if applicable. There are numerous private, federal, city, state, and local grants available to support cities in the implementation of technologies like gunshot detection. The consultant will help you identify grants that could be a fit for you so that you can begin the application process. Keep in mind that it can take 3-6 months to receive funding, so we won’t want to delay this step in the process if it makes sense for your situation.

5. Order Equipment
After outstanding quotation and grant funding questions and processes are resolved, we’ll order the equipment needed for install. This includes the sensors, communications technologies, power infrastructure, and any other corresponding equipment that might be necessary for your site (ex: smart light poles if there is no electricity to tap into).

6. Installation
Once all necessary equipment is in, it’s finally time for integration! As we mentioned previously, your existing integrator or the one we set you up with will execute the integration phase. We’ll be ready to offer onsite support as needed every step of the way. Installation typically takes between 2 and 4 hours per sensor.

7. Ongoing Support
Our communication with you doesn’t stop after installation. We’ll continue to provide technical support throughout the life of your technology. Whether firmware updates or location changes are needed, we’ll always be a true partner to you.

To take the first step towards having a consultation, connect with us today!