Dial Indicator Training


Dial Indicator Training

This class is for those who perform shaft alignment with dial indicators rather than with a laser alignment tool

Our Dial Indicator Training class is a tool-specific training session in which our expert trainers will cover the different methods of using dial indicators and will show students how to use dial indicators to perform shaft alignments accurately and efficiently.


  • Class length: 2 days
  • Availble Onsite and up to 9 students
  • Taught by expert trainers with decades of maintenance experience on all types of industrial equipment
  • Significant hands-on training time
  • Dial indicators and other equipment and machines provided
  • Instruction in all aspects of using dial indicators:
  • How to set up and read dials, rim and face dial method, reverse rim dial method, and how to calculate misalignment with dials

Who Should Take This Class

  • Those who use dial indicators frequently
  • Those who need to perform alignments accurately and efficiently with dials
  • Both new and experienced maintenance professionals

Cost and Schedule

The cost of our Dial Indicator class is $7,595 for up to 9 students.