Enterprise Training


Enterprise Training

The purpose of this class is to cater to the specific needs of your company and team.

Our Enterprise Training class was created to be customized for the maintenance teams of the specific company which books this training. Our expert trainers will cover shaft alignment, vibration data collection and analysis, balancing, maintenance strategies, and other topics of interest to your maintenance team. Ultimately, the purpose of this class is to cater to the specific needs of your company and team, so our trainers will tailor the course to whatever subjects are most relevant and helpful to what you do every day. Our Enterprise Training sessions also come with a follow-up Q&A with one of our trainers.


  • Class length: 4 days in a package of 5 installments (to be used in a 12-month period)
  • Taught by expert trainers with decades of maintenance experience on all types of industrial equipment
  • Option to learn on your own equipment and machines, in your own facility
  • Significant hands-on training time
  • Instruction in efficient maintenance processes, as well as tools and equipment:
  • Precision measuring hand tools, proper belt and sheave installation, vibration testing, lubrication best practices, bearing and shaft fits, precision shaft alignment, and rotating equipment balancing
  • Customizable curriculum: trainers will focus on teaching whatever topics are most relevant and helpful to your work.
  • Complimentary 30-min follow-up session with one of our trainers

Who Should Take This Class

  • Those who are new to the maintenance world
  • Experienced maintenance professionals who want to refresh their skills—and learn something new as well
  • Those who have a management directive to improve uptime and implement reliability into maintenance
  • Those who need to reduce maintenance costs and parts replacement
  • Those who must maintain efficiency with a reduced workforce
  • Those who want to save on travel costs
  • Those who want to train a greater number of team members at once
  • Those who would benefit from a customizable course, tailored precisely to their industry