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ACOEM Bearing Defender


The patented, wireless ACOEM Bearing Defender provides instantaneous feedback on bearing health. It is user-friendly, can be used on just about any industrial machine, and detects bearing faults quickly and accurately.

SKU: 800-BDF500


ACOEM Bearing Defender:

  • Patented Wireless vibration measurement (US 9,921,136)
  • Accurate bearing fault detection with up to 15kHz bandwidth at +/- 3dB
  • Works with most industrial machines with +/-80g dynamics
  • Allows for the wireless measurement of inaccessible machines (enclosed room, behind doors…)
  • Bearing diagnosis available in 10 seconds
  • Rechargeable battery good for 8h of measurement activity
  • Simple and easy to use for any experience level–no prior training required


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  • Tri-axial wireless sensor
  • 1 USB power supply module with international plugs and USB cable
  • 1 High power bipolar magnet (suited for curved shafts) with orientation key for tri-axial positioning
  • 1 Carry-on bag
  • 1 Contact point to make single axis measurements on small surfaces
  • 1 Printed safety instructions manual
  • 1 Printed calibration certificate

Optional accessories (not included):

  • Rugged Android smartphone or tablet
  • Cementing studs with glue for best measurement performances

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