Adhesive Backed Weights for Balancing Sheaves

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Adhesive Backed Weights for Balancing Sheaves


Adhesive Backed Weights come in strips of blocks that can be broken apart to achieve the final correction weight. Each block is stamped with the weight. Sheaves should be balanced to compensate for the sloppy run out tolerance allowed by most manufacturers. In some cases an inaccessible fan can be balanced on the sheave.

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Adhesive Backed Weights for Balancing Sheaves:

  • Strips of blocks
  • Each block stamped with the weight
  • AW-60 is made up of 4 X 10gram blocks alternating with 4 X 5 gram blocks.
    • Total weight is 60 grams
  • AW-84 is made up of 12 X 7 gram blocks
    • Total weight 84 grams
  • AW-84T is made up of 12 X 7 gram THIN profile blocks
    • Total weight is 84 grams
  • AW-112 is made up of 8 X 14 gram blocks
    • Total weight is 112 grams

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Weight N/A
Total Weight

60 grams, 84 grams – Regular, 84 grams – Thin, 112 grams


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CD International, Inc. 

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