Alignment Masterclass Training

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Alignment Masterclass Training

This class is the next step after our Shaft Alignment Best Practices class. Think of the Alignment Masterclass as the class for those who are confident in the basics of shaft alignment and now want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. In addition to going over all the topics covered in Shaft Alignment Best Practices, the Alignment Masterclass will cover more advanced aspects of shaft alignment, as well as specialty alignments. This class will instill the knowledge and confidence you need to be able to instruct others in shaft alignment.

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The Alignment Masterclass Training is offered at Acoem USA’s training center in Richmond, Virginia. This 2-day class is normally preceded by the student’s completion of our 2-day Shaft Alignment Best Practices class. The two classes are scheduled back-to-back so that students can complete both in the same week.


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