Blue (.020″) Sof’ Shoe Shims

Blue (.020″) Sof’ Shoe Shims


Sof’ Shoe® shims are designed to cure angular soft foot and extend bearing and motor life.

(10 Pack, 0.020″)

Slot sizes:

  • A = 5/8″
  • B =  7/8″
  • C = 1-1/4″
  • D = 1-5/8″


Sof Shoe shims are made of proprietary elastomer which has unique flow and set characteristics to fill irregular gaps. Sof’ Shoe® shims are an inexpensive alternative to milling the base or foot, hand cutting graduated shims, replacing base or rebuilding base with poured epoxy.

Each Sof’ Shoe® shim thickness has a 12 percent flat compression under standard bolt torque, yet will absorb the angularity of nearly half its thickness. These shims are stable to 225°F. Flat sheets are also available on special order.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
(Blue .020") Size

Size A (2 x 2), Size B (3 x 3), Size C (4 x 4), Size D (5 x 5)


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