Enterprise Training

Enterprise Training

The Enterprise Training Course is a special customizable course that we hand-tailor to your specific industry. Our expert trainer will cover a wide range of topics including maintenance strategies, measuring tools, precision alignment, and balancing equipment, but will adapt the course to fit the individual needs of your facility and team. This course is about the machinery and how to use it most efficiently, but it’s most of all about your company. Another unique aspect of the Enterprise Training course is the follow-up sessions with the trainer who will be available to answer any questions and concerns employees may have after returning to the field. The trainer will also host a free 30-minute Q&A session within 30 days of course completion. Our goal is to be a resource for your company whenever maintenance precision and alignment issues arise. This 4-day course comes in a package of 5 installments (to be used in a 12-month period).


For more information on our Enterprise Training or any of our classes, contact Sonya Cheatham at 804-419-8837 or fill out our training inquiry form.


Enterprise Training:

  • Course Length: 4 days in a package of 5 installments (to be used in a 12-month period)
  • Designed to instill machinery mechanics with the core knowledge and skills required for success
  • No more than 10 students and 2 instructors
  • Professional instructors with decades of maintenance experience on all types of industrial equipment
  • Use of simulators and real equipment
  • Trainer will host a free 30-minute Q&A session within 30 days of course completion


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You should be interested…

If you have:

  • New hires in the maintenance shop,
  • Experienced employees who have transferred into maintenance,
  • A management directive to improve uptime and implement reliability into maintenance, or
  • A goal to reduce maintenance costs and parts replacement.

If you don’t have:

  • A steady stream of skilled people,
  • Two years to send people out for training, or
  • The luxury of letting them learn it all on the job.
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