Lubrication Best Practices Online Course

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Lubrication Best Practices Online Course


The Lubrication Best Practices & Functions online training course will cover everything you need to know about Lubrication & how it can impact Reliability at your facility. In 3 online modules you’ll learn everything from the different types of lubricants and additives to cleanliness and contaminates to the proper way to store your lubricants and finally the various lubrication failure modes. The unique online training environment allows for interactive portions of the training and includes quizzes at the end of each module to ensure the student has fully grasped all the information.



Lubrication Best Practices Online Course (will include the following):

  • 3 Modules:
    • Module 1 – Introduction
    • Module 2 – Types of Lubricants and Additives
    • Module 3 – Lubrication Failure Modes and Improvements


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  • 3 Modules:
    • Module 1 – Introduction
      • best practices
      • standards and actions
      • basics of lubrication and how it effects the life of machinery
      • cleanliness
      • viscosity
      • contaminants
      • friction
      • temperature
    • Module 2 – Types of Lubricants and Additives
      • functions
      • types and chemistry of lubricants
      • additives and how they affect the lubrication
    • Module 3 – Lubrication Failure Modes and Improvements
      • lubricant failure modes
      • oil and grease analysis
      • storage and transport of lubricants
      • ISO cleanliness
      • general rules of applying lubricant
      • lubrication improvement steps


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