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The MEAX MT30 measuring system is an all-in-one machine tool measurement system. The instruments measure the geometry of the machine’s movements in a number of straightforward steps. The system’s precision and high accuracy are specially made to be used in a challenging measurement environment. As the ultimate machine tool, the MT30 also comes with the MEAX Level and the MEAX Pen, for added measurement applications.

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  • Display unit with strong aluminum frame and rubber-coated surface
  • Shock resistant and easy to hold
  • Large, clear 6.5” touchscreen
  • Integrated laser transmitter, 2-axis PSD detector and a high-resolution inclinometer to record the angle of rotation
  • Can measure: straightness, squareness, spindle direction, and coaxiality.
  • Includes MEAX Level, which can be used to perform unique STREVEL measurements
  • Unique design with wireless communication via Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery.
  • Can be used even if the machine doors are closed
  • Wireless communication allows for greater flexibility of use
  • Includes MEAX Pen– a battery-powered measuring pen that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the MEAX display unit or to a mobile device using an app
  • Portable and water and dust-resistant


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  • Case 1 
    • MEAX Display Unit
    • MEAX SM 201
    • MEAX LM 201
    • MEAX SR 201
    • MEAX LR 201
    • Power Cables 2 pcs.
    • USB Cable
    • Magnetic Base 2 pcs.
    • MEAX SQ 201
    • MEAX Bracket 90 degrees
    • Collet C25- 16 2 pcs.
    • Allen Key
    • Power Supply (4 USB-ports 5VDC)
    • Tape Measure
    • USB
    • Circular Plate
  • Case 2 
    • MEAX Magnetic Base
    • MEAX Indexting Fixture
    • MEAX Rotating Shaft 20mm
    • MEAX Cylinder Indexing Fixture
    • MEAX Pointing Fixture
    • MEAX Magnetic Sensor Stand
    • MEAX P100

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