Precision Maintenance Tool Kit

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Precision Maintenance Tool Kit


VibrAlign’s Precision Maintenance Tool Kit provides mechanics and technicians with the most common types of precision measuring tools for industrial maintenance. Included in the kit are: 6″ Steel Rule, 0-1” micrometer, 6” digital caliper, Laser Tachometer, Sheave Groove Gauge, Belt Tensioning Gauge, Feeler Gauge Set. All are included in a tool bag, with extra room for additional tools.



Precision Maintenance Tool Kit:

  • 6″ Steel Rule
  • 0-1” micrometer
  • 6” digital caliper
  • Laser Tachometer
  • Sheave Groove Gauge
  • Belt Tensioning Gauge
  • Tool Bag
  • Feeler Gauge Set

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Weight 1 lbs


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