Shaft Alignment Bench Trainer

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Shaft Alignment Bench Trainer


The Shaft Alignment Bench Trainer has two adjustable modules with precision stainless steel shims, jack blocks and jack screws to insure repeatable adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal axes. This realistic machine simulator incorporates one and a quarter inch diameter solid stainless steel shafts and fits standard couplings. The robust yet portable design helps teach both laser and dial indicator alignment methods. Adjustable friction of shaft rotation allows user to simulate any condition from axial float to locked shaft.

SKU: 160-03-01


Shaft Alignment Bench Trainer:

  • Approximate size and weight: 24.0”L x 10” W x 12.0” H
  • 45 lbs
  • Two adjustable modules with machined vertical & horizontal jack screws
  • 8-Precision shims
  • S-Flex Coupling
  • Operations manual with shaft alignment guidelines
  • 1-1/4” Solid Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Adjustable rotational friction and adjustable axial float

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Weight 45 lbs


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