Ultraprobe 3000 Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System

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Ultraprobe 3000 Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System


Advance your Energy and Condition Monitoring programs with the Ultraprobe® 3000 Digital Inspection Systems. Versatile enough to cut energy waste and improve uptime while saving money, and improving the environment, the Ultraprobe® 3000 is a digital ultrasonic inspection, information, storage, and reporting system that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.



Ultraprobe 3000:

  • Wide, dynamic sensitivity range
  • “Spin and Click” operations to customize your inspection modes, store and view data and adjust instrument settings
  • Easy-to-read display panel with calibrated decibel readout on a 16-segmented bar graph.
  • The display panel showcases sensitivity level, storage location number, and battery level
  • Store, overwrite, or enter data in a new location
  • 400 Memory locations hold all of your test data
  • Scanning and stethoscope (Contact) plug-in modules
  • Update system software online

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Weight 13 lbs


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  • Compressed Air Leak Detection
  • Steam Trap Inspection
  • Valve Leak Detection
  • Pressure & Vacuum Leak Detection
  • Heat Exchanger, Leaks
  • Tanks, Pipes, Leak Testing
  • Wind Noise/Water Leaks
  • Hatch Leak Integrity
  • Bearing Testing
  • Gear/Gear Box Inspection
  • General Mechanical Inspection & Trouble Shooting

UE Systems

For over 40 years, UE Systems has produced thousands of ergonomically designed portable, and incredibly accurate airborne/structure borne ultrasonic instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, these instruments have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars in premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity, and overall replacement costs. UE System’s digital Ultraprobe® instruments are supported by Ultratrend DMS, a powerful data management software that fully integrates all inspections for effective plant-wide reliability and energy conservation.  In fact, this patented software is the first of its kind to report both cost and carbon footprint reduction while enabling users to analyze, repair and report their savings.

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