ATD Portable

Acoustic Threat Detection

Exceptional accuracy gives you the confidence to tackle threats quickly. ACOEM’s patent pending Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) Portable solution has the ability to detect and locate threats immediately. The best part is, since it’s on wheels, you can take it anywhere you need to for short-term or permanent use.

What's Included

No External Power Required


Whether you are surveilling city streets, venues, stadiums, or remote locations, ATD Portable was built to be deployed in a moment’s notice for travel to and implementation at any outdoor communal space.

Designed for tough conditions and durability. Mobile Surveillance Towers offer robust lighting and the ability to power a camera configuration along with the ATD sensor.

  • 18-25.5 feet boom can be extended from fully retracted position to any height up to its maximum height with the help of a crank handle.
  • Solar panels tilt and adjust in height, allowing users to optimize the solar charging, angle. Solar panels can be locked and secured in 0 degree position for minimum air drag during towing.

Product Information