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An illustrated chart depicts phase

Utilizing Phase to Confirm Machine Faults

It’s on all of the vibration fault charts, it’s taught in vibration classes, and it’s used for balancing – but…

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The ISO-10816 Vibration Severity Chart hovers above industrial machinery.

Understanding the ISO 10816-3 Vibration Severity Chart

The Smart Machine Checker (SMC), and the Falcon (vibration data collector/analyzer) use Accurex™ automatic diagnostic software to determine vibration problems…

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Aligned at the Factory – Realigned in the Field

An alignment check was performed on a new pump skid that had been recently installed as part of new construction….

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Composite Pump Base?

We have written numerous blogs on pump bases, they still at times contribute to precision shaft alignment challenges. A recent…

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Taking Care of your Spares

Rotating equipment, either in storage, or down for long periods of time, should be rotated on a regular basis. This…

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Balancing Police Strategy with Community Concerns

The balance of carrying out an effective police strategy while making sure community members have their concerns addressed can be…

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How IIoT is Changing Condition Monitoring As We Know It

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a hot topic, and it will continue to get more and more buzz…

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An Overview of Vibration Transducers

What are vibration transducers? Vibration transducers used for machinery evaluations are devices that measure displacement of a shaft or motion…

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Static, Couple, and Dynamic Unbalance

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), unbalance is “that condition which exists in a rotor when the vibratory…

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Implementing a Hybrid Model to Monitor Machinery Vibration

Monitoring machinery vibration can use many tools and models, including a hybrid model. Some of the monitoring tools available today…

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icon of a fan with a spot indicating a balancing weight.

A Handy Guide to Balancing Rotating Machinery

Balancing rotating machinery is mostly math, with a bit of common sense and experience thrown in. The math is constant,…

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The Future of Policing is AI

What is AI in policing? In the modern world, technology makes industry go round. As society continues to find new…

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So You Want to Implement Gunshot Detection? Here’s What to Expect

The start of any technology integration process can seem daunting. Having many moving parts can make it difficult to know…

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7 Myths of Gunshot Detection

As gunshot detection technology is being integrated into more and more cities across the U.S., many people are wondering what…

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Using a Strobe Light to Verify RPM

Knowing the correct rotational speed is critical when performing machinery diagnostics. A strobe light can be an excellent tool for…

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