NEST i4.0

Condition Monitoring

NEST i4.0

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Keep track of all your equipments’ condition with this expert analysis software.
Acoem Nest i4.0

Regardless of the type of system your plant employs, whether it’s portable, wireless, or continuous, all data is consolidated in NEST i4.0. This comprehensive software solution caters to both novices and experts, aiding in immediate impact and targeted analysis, making it an ideal tool for maintenance and reliability teams at any stage of their journey.

Immediate Impact and Analysis:

  • Leverage the Health Matrix feature to guide experts in identifying critical areas for in-depth analysis, optimizing their time and resources effectively.
  • Combine this with our KPI dashboard, WebPortal, to get a full visual of your plant from the top down.

NEST i4.0 Features

Machine Setup
The NEST i4.0 Machine Setup module is the fastest available, using a simple drag and drop functionality to easily create virtually any machine using built-in or customized templates.
Accurex™ Matrix
Automatically detect machine faults with a confidence rating, running speed detection alerts; and expert productivity reporting that will save you up to 50% on reporting time.
Machine Health Matrix
The NEST i4.0 Machine Health Matrix allows you to easily identify the health of your machines in just one screen.
Shock Finder™ Index
Easy shock identification and diagnostic that qualifies shocks automatically in the time waveform.
Bearing Defect™ Factor
Evaluates the roller/ball bearing health automatically. Continously grows during the bearing life cycle. Early fault detection.
Harmonix™ Index
Full frequency high resolution merged spectrum. Quantifies harmonic families in spectra automatically.
NEST Vision Included
Nest i4.0 comes with access to NEST Vision. Visualize data, trend issues, and receive actionable data on the health of your equipment in this comprehensive maintenance management dashboard.
Open Data Platform
Easily link your assets’ health information to your Big Data ecosystem using OPC UA standard industry format.

What's Included

NEST i4.0 software available in 3 formats:
  • Desktop version

  • Server version

  • Cloud version


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