Smart Machine Checker (SMC)

Condition Monitoring

Smart Machine Checker (SMC)

Machine Diagnostics Tool
Machine Diagnostics Tool
Check your machine’s health on the fly, with this standalone vibration tool.
Acoem Smart Machine Checker

The Smart Machine Checker, also known as SMC, proves invaluable for maintenance technicians and mechanics alike.

Equipped with pre-designed templates, this tool enables users to effectively do the following:

  • Gauge vibrations and obtain instant diagnostic insights effortlessly
  • Eliminating the necessity for additional software 

Smart Machine Checker Features

Thoughtfully Designed
Display unit with a 7” HD display with IP-65 rating and built-in stroboscope, camera, and pyrometer
Accurex AI for automatic diagnosis and cloud-connected
The balancing accessory kit enables the SMC to be used to perform precision 1-channel or 2-channel balancing
Wireless Sensor
Tri-axial and piezoelectric (Wired sensor compatible)
A Centralized System
Accurex AI for automatic diagnosis and cloud-connected

What's Included

  • Display unit with full VGA 7″ color display unit with IP-65 rating

  • Wireless Sensor: triaxial and piezoelectric

  • Built-in strobe light, HD camera, and laser pyrometer

  • Carrying Case – IP-65, high impact ABS

  • Power supply to SMC

  • USB Charger for Sensor

  • Mounting Pads

  • Standard Machinery Templates

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • No annual maintenance fees

  • Software and firmware updates (life of tool)

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Smart Machine Checker?

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