Who We Are

Here at ACOEM USA, we believe in the power of hardworking hands. That’s why we work tirelessly to empower our customers with the resources they need to do more with theirs. Our story began in 1983 when we were a one-man operation servicing industry. Since then, we’ve grown into a globally-backed service and sales operation supporting multiple lines of business.

Today we are a leading supplier of efficient technology solutions for industrial, environmental, and security applications. We know you need technology solutions you can trust and the skills to use them. Staying at the forefront of innovation and education in the industries we serve fuels us in our mission to empower our customers to tackle the everyday challenges they face.


Explore More Than 30 Years of Innovation

  • 1983
    Founder David Zdrojewski formed a small industrial services company in West Virginia known as VibrAlign.
  • 1989
    VibrAlign became the exclusive U.S. distributor of Fixturlaser products while continuing to service factories.
  • 1991
    We transitioned from being a service company to being an industrial hardware sales company.
  • 1995
    The Shaft 100 was added to our product offerings.
  • 1999
    VibrAlign merged with Walden Enterprises.
  • 2006
    We introduced the Fixturlaser XA to the U.S.
  • 2008
    Our hands-on shaft alignment training program launched.
  • 2009
    The VibrAlign Blog and YouTube Channel launched.
  • 2011
    Our patented Verti-Zontal alignment method was introduced in our training classes.
  • 2012
    The CCC lab became ISO 17025 certified.
  • 2014
    VibrAlign was acquired by Acoem.
  • 2019
    Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) was introduced.
  • 2021
    VibrAlign became Acoem USA.

Over the past 30+ years, our products have changed but our mission to empower industry hasn’t. Building our legacy hasn’t happened overnight, and it certainly can’t happen without you. How can we empower you?