NXA Ultimate

Item # 100-NXA805

Alignment applications plus geometric measurement make this the ultimate measurement instrument. 

The combination of alignment and geometric routines allows the user to address many of the root causes of outages as part of a complete preventive maintenance program. With a wide range of applications, a screen interface featuring animated 3-D images and a large color touch screen (6.5″) the NXA Ultimate is remarkably user friendly.

What's Included

  • Full VGA 6.5″ color display, TFT-LCD backlit, sunlight readable, with wide angle viewing technology
  • M3 moveable machine transmitter/detector with 30mm CCD sensor and built-in Bluetooth II
  • S3 stationary machine transmitter/detector with 30mm CCD sensor and built-in Bluetooth II
  • NXA V brackets, including 4-150mm rods and 2-470mm chains
  • Two 970mm extension chains
  • Rod extension kit, 4-100mm
  • Two 150mm rods
  • 49mm offset bracket
  • NXA extension fixture
  • Angled Universal Rod tools (2)
  • Magnetic base for mounting on large diameter shafts
  • Magnetic V-brackets (2) for applications where chain brackets won’t fit
  • External power supply NXA built into carrying case
  • T21 laser transmitter for flatness applications, includes mounting kit
  • RM (Movable Receiver) laser receiver with BT-2 Bluetooth
  • Carrying case – IP-65, high impact ABS
  • NXA tape measure
  • USB stick
  • Manuals – NXA (printed and CD) and Geometry (printed and CD)
  • Lifetime warranty standard

Product Information


Shaft Alignment

  • Horizontal Machines

  • Vertical Machines

  • Machine Train

  • Spacer Shaft

  • Circular Flatness

  • Rectangular Flatness

  • Straightness

  • Soft Check™

  • Feetlock™

  • Hotcheck™

  • Target Values

  • Memory Manager

  • Machine Defined Data

  • OmniView Activation

  • Adjustable Screen Filter

  • Sampling Time

  • Resolution Shown

  • Extended Alignment