Item # 100-AT100


Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Tackle machine misalignment efficiently with this tablet-based horizontal shaft alignment system designed for novices and experts alike.

Align with Simplicity

The AT-100 is a shaft alignment tool built by and for the user. Controlled by a rugged tablet, the system guides individuals through the alignment process with an intuitive application that couples with two wireless laser heads. Within minutes, the user can perform an alignment and save a report straight to their device.

Navigate Your Alignments with Confidence

Acoem’s Horizontal Alignment application was designed to take the mess out of aligning machines. The app utilizes our GuideU™ interface, which automatically guides the operator through 5 essential steps that take the guesswork out of alignment.

After mounting the movable and stationary sensor to the machine shaft, connect them wirelessly to the Horizontal Alignment App using Bluetooth®.

AT-100 package with case
2 Sensors, M8 & S8
Rod kit NXA
2 V-brackets complete with chain
12.7mm Chain w/ 60 Links (L=500mm)
Tape measure 5m
2 pcs of USB cables, A-mini B, 2 m
Power supply 2 USB ports 5 VDC
AT-100 Walkthrough
Laser vs. Dials


Spec Sheet

Quick Guide


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