SoundCam Ultra 3

Condition Monitoring

SoundCam Ultra 3

Ultrasound Acoustic Camera
Ultrasound Acoustic Camera
With the SoundCam Ultra 3, compressed air, gas, vacuum leaks, and partial discharges can be located quickly and analyzed in real time.

The SoundCam Ultra 3 boasts 176 microphones and a 200 kHz sampling rate, offering unparalleled measurement sensitivity and exceptional noise suppression. Its real-time display showcases 100 acoustic images per second, enabling the detection and distinction of transient sounds from stationary ones. The accompanying high frame rate video camera with a global shutter captures fast-moving objects and rapid movements with precision, ensuring synchronized and accurate analysis between acoustic and optical data.

Additionally, the Ultra 3 features an integrated thermal imaging camera, allowing simultaneous evaluation of acoustic and thermal images for a comprehensive event analysis. This advanced device excels in pinpoint monitoring and can make ultrasound audible through frequency modulation, enhancing its utility in various applications requiring detailed acoustic and thermal assessments.


    2-in-1 device
    Acoustic and thermal imaging camera in one device with global shutter and synchronous acquisition that quickly locates leaks and partial discharges
    176 Microphones at 200 kHz
    The device’s 176 microphones increase the sensitivity and dynamic range (reducing acoustic fog
    Thoughtfully Designed
    The display unit is comfortable to hold, IP54 waterproof, and includes a headphone socket
    Real-Time Results
    The results are shown on the display in real-time at 100 acoustic images per second
    Precise Localization
    2 kHz to 100 kHz

    What's Included

    • Rugged Display Unit with Carrying Strap

    • Pelican Carrying Case

    • 3M Peletor ProTac III Headphones with Cord

    • Anker 537 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K for Laptop) with 88Wh

    • Ungreen Nexode 65W Desktop Charger

    • Soundcam Ultra 3 Starter Guide

    • OW Travel lock


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