Condition Monitoring


Portable Vibration Analyzer
Portable Vibration Analyzer
Invest your time and effort in a simple, yet effective handheld vibration analyzer designed to grow with you from beginner to expert.
Acoem Falcon

Maximize efficiency and coverage with a combination of the handheld Falcon system, wireless sensors, and continuous monitoring, all seamlessly integrated and analyzable through NEST i4.0.

The Falcon offers versatile functionality, allowing users to:

  • Utilize its 1-4 channel flexibility for efficient route collection.
  • Identify root cause failures swiftly and accurately.
  • Perform in-field balancing operations with ease.

Falcon Features

Wireless Sensor
Tri-axial and piezoelectric (Wired sensor compatible),
Thoughtfully Designed
Rugged display unit with a 7” HD display with an IP-65 rating.
Built-In Tools
The display unit includes a built-in stroboscope for measuring run speed, a camera, and a pyrometer.
In-field balancing, cross-channel phase, run up & coast down, bump test, ODS & FRF measurements.
Other/Additional Features
Accurex AI for diagnosis, Additional tachometer channel, Class 1 Div 2 (ATEX Zone 2).

What's Included

What’s included with the Falcon depends on which package you select. Additionally, some features are offer ala carte so that the function can grow as your needs develop. Example of Falcon Smart Package:
  • Falcon Device

  • Wireless Sensor: Triaxial and Piezoelectric

  • Modules: Data collector, Off-route, Accurex AI for automatic diagnosis

  • Camera activation

  • Bi polar magnet for wireless sensor, suited for flat and curved surfaces

  • 6.5 ft. (2m) straight BNC cable for data collection

  • Quick start guide and safety recommendation

  • Falcon USB connection cable

  • Falcon and Sensor Power supply

  • Sensor USB connection cable

  • Carrying Case: IP-65, high impact ABS

  • Set of carrying straps

  • Statement of conformity

  • Screen protection film

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • No annual maintenance fees

  • Software and firmware updates (life of tool)

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