Shaft Alignment Tools

Maintain and prolong the life of your rotating assets with Acoem’s line of precision laser shaft alignment tools.

Acoem's Shaft Alignment Tools,
Because Precision Alignment Matters

Acoem’s range of precision laser shaft alignment tools allow for a user-friendly, accurate, and repeatable measuring process for correcting misalignment in rotating machinery.

Nearly 50% of all breakdowns in rotating machines occur due to machine misalignment. That is why critical machines in the production process require precise alignment to perform to specs.

Discover the AT-Series

Dig further and compare the benefits of Acoem’s AT-Series of alignment tools, each designed to address specific alignment challenges across various machinery types.

Benefits of Precision Shaft Alignment

To avoid compounding problems with your machinery or unexpected downtime, you need to proactively undertake precision alignment as part of your maintenance program. Acoem’s user-friendly laser shaft alignment tools can help you align your machinery quickly, easily, and accurately every time.

Classic Shaft Alignment Tools & Systems

Acoem’s classic shaft alignment systems feature a proprietary display unit that connects with our bluetooth laser alignment sensors.

How Shaft Alignment Tools Impact Your Bottom Line

Precision laser alignment protects the operational efficiency & life expectancy of your rotating machinery. Our shaft alignment tools reduce stress on your equipment and help avoid unexpected failures that may cause full process shutdowns or safety incidents.

Approximately 50% of rotating asset failures are due to misalignment.
A 2013 study found that less than 10% of machines are aligned to acceptable tolerances.
Regular alignment of machinery can result in a 3-10% decrease of energy consumption.

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