Item # 100-AT200

A smart app-based alignment tool with the patented graphical user interface, GuideU. 

Connectivity, mobile devices, cloud-based platform, apps are integrated in the AT-200 making it a tool for short response time between machine failures and corrective actions. The smart sensors use CCD technology for a superior measurement performance and precision alignment.

What's Included

  • AT-200 package with case
  • 2 pcs of digital alignment sensors test
  • 2 pcs of V-brackets complete with chain
  • Extension fixture, 49 mm
  • Magnetic base Rod kit 2 pcs of chains, 8 mm, 60 links (L=970 mm)
  • Tape measure, 5 m 2 pcs of angled universal tools
  • External power cable, EU, 2 m
  • External power cable, US, 2 m
  • 2 pcs of USB-cables, A-mini B, 2 m
  • Power supply 5 USB-ports 5 VDC

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Shaft Alignment

  • Horizontal Machines

  • Vertical Machines

  • Spacer Shaft