Since our humble beginnings in 1983, the common thread in the maintenance and reliability tools that Acoem USA provides is that they are built around the needs of the user. 

Optimize equipment performance and reliability with Acoem’s cutting-edge ecosystem of Condition Monitoring solutions. Whether you are looking for a portable system, wireless vibration sensors, or an online/continuous monitoring, we have you covered.

Shaft Alignment

Regardless of your machinery or industry, Acoem has you covered with a diverse range of shaft alignment tools. Each tool allows for a user-friendly, accurate, and repeatable measuring process for any user to correct misalignment in rotating machinery.
Only a few degrees of misalignment in belt-driven machinery can reduce belt life by as much as 50 percent. Keep your belt drives running with optimal efficiency utilizing Acoem’s legendary belt alignment solution, the Belt Hog.
Acoem’s flagship shaft alignment tools offer the capability to perform advanced machine geometry measurements. For example, measure flatness on machine foundations, or gauge the straightness of machine beds, guideways, and support structures.

Ensuring precise shaft alignment during installation and regular maintenance checks is essential to avoid costly turbine failures, up-tower repairs, and other component malfunctions. Luckily, Acoem provides dedicated fixtures to align any wind turbine.

As the United States distributor of the CAE Soundcam Ultra 3, we offer the ability for users to expand their condition monitoring strategy to detect compressed air, gas, vacuum leaks, and partial discharges with an ultrasound acoustic camera.

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