Item # 100-ECO448 (for V1 Bracket only)

The ECO VESTAS is custom-made with firmware and fixtures designed specifically for Vestas turbines.

  • V1 Bracket: V44, V47, V52, V63, V66, V80, V90, V100, V110
  • V2 Bracket: V105, V112, V113, V117, V120, V126, V136, V150, V164

These precisely designed fixtures make generator-to-gearbox alignment easy inside any nacelle – safeguarding reliability and optimizing the energy efficiency of the wind turbine.

Shaft alignment tools offer the wind power industry:

  • Wireless laser heads on magnetic mounts
  • Industry-leading precision
  • Solutions for both rotating and non-rotating shafts

What's Included

  • ECO Display Unit with 4” Color LCD Screen
  • Custom-made fixtures for Vestas turbines
  • Moveable machine transmitter/detector with 20 mm CCD sensor
  • Stationary machine transmitter/detector with 20 mm CCD sensor
  • Rod tools (2)
  • Tape measure (5m)
  • USB Cable A-micro B (.5m)
  • USB Cable A-micro B (1.5m)
  • Power Cable US (2m)
  • Carrying case – IP-65, high impact ABS
  • Manuals – ECO (printed and CD)
  • Lifetime warranty standard

Product Information


Shaft Alignment

  • Horizontal Machines

  • Soft Check™

  • Machine Defined Data