Condition Monitoring Basics: The Importance of Routes

One of the basics of condition monitoring is establishing routes so that you can efficiently check the diagnostics of all your machines in an orderly, structured way which does not disrupt the daily tasks of other workers in your plant.

Routes help to guide the mechanic to the next machine in a logical order rather than moving around the floor or between floors without direction.

It’s important to take inventory of all the machines in use in your plant so that you can categorize them based on when a mechanic will need to collect data on them and run diagnostic tests. Some machines will need to undergo these tests more often than others, which is another main reason why establishing a predictive maintenance route is so important.

For example, critical process machines may be monitored every two weeks, while backup machines may be monitored every quarter. Knowing which machines need diagnostic tests when will aid a mechanic in formulating the most efficient predictive maintenance route on the floor of the plant.

VibrAlign has developed a Machine Data Sheet specifically to aid you in the process of keeping track of machine diagnostics and tracking routes.

This free downloadable data sheet provides you with space to input information such as:

  • The location/area of the machine
  • The machine’s ID
  • The machine’s orientation
  • Whether the machine needs maintenance and how critical its issues are

Download our Machine Data Sheet for free so you can achieve greater organization on your plant floor and ensure that all your machines have undergone periodic data collection.

Other benefits of using our free Machine Data Sheets to record your routes include:

  • Ease of use
  • You will have a separate sheet for each machine
  • You will have the ability to select a specific machine and keep track
  • Complete diagnoses in less time
  • You can compare readings from your last test
  • The ability to schedule the most important machines in advance and plan your day accordingly
  • Save the plant downtime by not missing an urgent need
  • Make YOUR workday go smoother


Photo courtesy: Unsplash/chuttersnap

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