As we trainers travel around the country conducting precision shaft alignment training, we often run into some fairly harsh work environments during the field portion of the training.

At times the equipment that needs to be aligned is caked in product from spills or leaks. This can create a significant challenge when attempting a precision shaft alignment.

I was recently conducting training on the pulp side of a paper mill and after spending 22 years in the paper industry (a good portion of that on the pulp side), I knew when the guys told me the bases were bad, we had a challenge ahead.

Not only was the base bad, the motor feet were in rough shape also. While performing the pre-alignment steps, as we always do, this is what we found when checking for Obvious Soft Foot (Step 2). I was not allowed to take pictures so we sketched it out. There was a significant difference in the amount of shims needed at the individual feet to correct the obvious soft foot.

Long story short, with the soft foot corrected these guys completed a precision shaft alignment on this challenging 300hp motor/pump assembly in one hour from start to finish.

At times a harsh work environment can be discouraging but it is not impossible!

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