VibrAlign is featured in a new book, Grow Regardless

With more than 12 years of experience leading a successful consulting firm focused on business transformation and development, Mechlinski shares insights and proven methods used to help more than 400 companies. Advance copies of GROW REGARDLESS have drawn enthusiastic praise from business leaders for an approach that combines a hands-on manual with a sensible philosophy and real-world examples for building a mission-driven, high-growth organization.

“I set out to write this book because following the recession, I’ve seen countless business leaders struggle to pick themselves up and move forward. There’s a better solution than remaining in a hiring freeze, cutting benefits, and slashing R&D spending,” said Mechlinski. “This book focuses on the lessons from small and mid-sized businesses that have grown regardless of what’s happening in the world around them, and explains how you can help your organization realize the same success.”

One of the businesses Mechlinksi has helped grow is VibrAlign, a laser shaft alignment sales, service and training company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

VibrAlign, Inc. CEO David Zdrojewski is glad he stopped listening to the news and focus instead on growing his business.  “It’s easy to be sucked in to all the gloom and doom.  With help from Joe’s organization we examined our core values and created an atmosphere of growth & investment in our economy and our human resources.  We believe it’s the right thing, the patriotic thing, to do.”

As a part of examining the company’s core values, a video was produced entitled “The VibrAlign Story.”   In the video John Walden, President of VibrAlign, says “If you look at the VibrAlign story and what it talks about as our values, and…who we are, that’s much more important for a customer to understand than whether or not you have the latest color screen or push buttons…”

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  1. Charli K. Matthews on April 11, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Believe and Work Harder during the tough times with purpose and vision! The VibrAlign Story shows how leadership creates a work environment where people can accomplish great things! It’s been fun watching!

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