When we trainers conduct training, the first thing we want to know is what is your cause of frustration or “pain” when performing a precision shaft alignment. What we consistently hear is repeatability as the foremost cause of frustration. First the laser says add shims, then take them out, then add and so on.

In a recent class, while performing the field alignment portion of the training, one of the trainees was so impressed at how quickly and easily the alignments were being completed said,” It’s the little things we have been missing that caused our frustration”. So, the following are examples of the little things.

Rather than rewrite all the excellent blogs about repeatability, let me highlight those blogs about the main causes of the lack of repeatability.

Repeatability vs. Desired Outcome Parts 1&2 by Stan Riddle

Link to blog Part 1

Link to blog Part 2 


Non-Repeatability, a Little Movement can cause a lot of headaches by James Pekarek 

Link to blog


Troubleshooting Looseness During Shaft Alignment by Patrick Lawrence

Link to blog


Soft Foot –  What is it and how to minimize it by Brad Case

Link to blog


Clean, Clean, Clean by Tom Shelton

Link to blog


The One Tool That is Missing in Most Aligners Toolbox by Stan Riddle

Link to blog

This is just a sampling of the many excellent blogs that the VibrAlign trainers have written to help make your precision shaft alignments much easier and much more efficient.

It’s the Little Things.

Save Time. Save Money. Save the Machine.

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