The Three Keys to a Successful Maintenance Team

Maintenance teams carry a great deal of responsibility, and we’re not strangers to that. A team is only as successful as its individual members. Ensuring each team member has the resources necessary to contribute to the best of their abilities is an integral part of building a strong maintenance team. We’ve compiled the three keys to building a successful maintenance team from years of industry experience.


Consider whether or not your team has the tools needed to perform the job. Do they have worn or inefficient tools? Or are they simply lacking certain tools? It’s time to take inventory. You don’t just need the right tools. You need quality tools. This is not optional, and luckily quality tools are our speciality. We offer a wide range of tools that are essential to any maintenance tech, reliability engineer, or plant manager. We’ve scratched the surface on a few of them below.

Portable and versatile, RT-300 is our latest tablet designed to perform alignments and machine diagnostics. Self-guided apps and pre-loaded training videos make RT-300 user friendly for the whole team. Machine data is stored on the ACOEM cloud, so information can be shared across devices in an easy and secure manner.

The Falcon is a wireless vibration analysis and balancing device. With the ability to perform auto diagnostics or provide raw data, the Falcon affords your team flexibility in the way you monitor the condition of your machines. Analyses are performed quickly, as it only takes an average of 8 seconds to take measurements at each bearing location.

The NXA is one of our most comprehensive shaft alignment tools, as it also performs geometric measurements. Measure flatness, straightness, and more while getting insights into the root cause of machine outages.

Outside of laser alignment technology, every maintenance technician benefits from having a rolling cart for storing tools needed for alignments. This makes having what you need on hand while making your rounds simple. Grainger has an extensive selection of carts worth checking out. In addition to your laser alignment tools, you’ll need

  • extra batteries,
  • an extension cord,
  • a flashlight or headlight,
  • rags,
  • a large and small pry bar,
  • brake cleaner,
  • shims,
  • heavy gauge washers, and
  • a scraper with a file or stone.

These are just a few of the tools that make having a rolling cart useful. Consider your individual facility’s needs when planning.

What good are tools if your team doesn’t know how to use them? Not only that, but you need knowledgeable maintenance professionals on your team who can analyze and diagnose issues quickly for less machine downtime. Training is what turns a good maintenance team into a great maintenance team. VibrAlign offers training programs throughout the year. Most of our trainers are industry professionals and former users of our products. Teams can join us in our Richmond, VA lab or have our trainers meet them on site at their facility. All training involves hands-on practical application, so teams walk away ready to put their new knowledge to the test on their own machines. Given the pandemic, we also offer online training options for those who feel most comfortable in a virtual setting for the time being. Connect with us to decide which training courses are best for your team.

This one might go without saying, but dedicating the time to properly care for your machines and do training is paramount. Shortcuts in machine maintenance are not your friend. Take time to do pre-alignment. Learn all that your tools have to offer you. Commit to doing things the right way and maximizing available resources, and your team will be better for it.

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