Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11.  Here at VibrAlign we currently employ eight Veterans who have served this country honorably in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and National Guard, including two active guardsmen.  We wish to thank Mac MacCormack, Gary Madsen, JP Guerard, Jonathan Dissinger, Tim Sorensen, Doug Burdsall, Peter Eccleston and William Cooper for their service to country and for the value each brings to our organization.

We thank all Veterans for their service, and especially those we touch in our everyday lives at VibrAlign; the members of maintenance teams across America.  You are the folks who work every day to keep the infrastructure in this great country running.  Just pause a moment and consider the critical role maintenance teams serve to deliver the goods and services vital to our everyday needs such as power, water, fuel, transportation, food, pharmaceuticals, and building materials just to name a few.  Almost every maintenance team we work with has several veterans employed.

As maintenance personnel shortages continue, I encourage looking at transitioning military veterans as a recruiting source.  We have found the men and women coming out of the services to be a talented and hardworking pool of candidates.

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