I recently received a support call from a nearby client, the issue was that the precision shaft alignment of a right-angle gear reducer to a line shaft was taking up to 12 hours (using another brand alignment tool) with little to no success. There are about a dozen of these units in this facility.

This client is a very large manufacturing facility and had received our training, however this crew did not have access to the plant’s one NXA Pro for this alignment as it was being used in other areas. I met our area sales rep at this facility with a NXA Pro and the technicians completed the precision alignment in 40 minutes. This feat is not uncommon when using VibrAlign tools and training.

So, what is misalignment costing you? In this case, alignments were taking up to 12 hours. 12 hours of frustration and often unsuccessful. (This has been rectified as the client has purchased additional NXA Pro Alignment Tools reducing their overall time for precision shaft alignments).

They were also frequently replacing couplings at about $1,200 each occurrence.

Also, they were having to replace the gear reducers at about $20,000 each occurrence.

These costs do not take into consideration collateral damage or unscheduled downtime.

Misalignment is still a leading cause of equipment failure and very costly. So how much is misalignment costing you?

Save Time. Save Money. Save The Machine.


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