Why an ISO Vibration Certification Matters

As a Reliability Practitioner:

If you have attended training performed to a standard that is certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), this guarantees that you will receive instruction and material that is documented to meet an international standard of knowledge from a certified trainer.

When you pass the test to receive your registered ISO certification, you will receive documentation that serves as tangible proof to yourself, peers, and employers that you are capable of performing internationally standardized tasks in vibration analysis. It is a necessity as a beginning reliability professional, an expectation for a mature reliability practitioner, and is valuable on your CV.

Even if you have 20 years of vibration experience and have solved many problems, let your experience be recognized through a certification that is transportable and recognized throughout the industry.


As an Employer:

New hires need to demonstrate that they have the knowledge to perform the job they are being hired to do. ISO certification is that demonstration.

Many organizations claim that they teach to an ISO standard of material, but this does not mean that they have been certified. The ISO certification is proof that the international standard is met. Passing the ISO certification test means that comprehension of the material was delivered.

The certification number is registered with an ISO number and provides traceability.


ISO Vibration Training Through Acoem

At the beginning of this year, Acoem announced itself as a business partner with Mobius Institute of North America (MINA) as a provider of ISO-18436 Category I and Category II vibration training courses. Here are three reasons why Acoem is a trusted source for pursuing your ISO certification:

1. Acoem has a proven track record of being able to teach reliability and maintenance practitioners to effectively solve problems. 

2. The Mobius Institute North America + Acoem team creates a synergy between ISO certification and practical application of the skills. Students will have the opportunity to bring their machine reliability problems to the class, and when the day is over discuss and solve them with our instructor and their peers.

3. The Acoem USA facility is located on the east coast in Richmond, Virginia, an under-serviced location for ISO certification training, to allow a conveniently accessible, low cost, and world-class training facility for students.

To learn more about our Vibration Category I and Category II training and view the 2023 class schedule, please visit our Training Classes page. Please contact Sonya Cheatham at (804) 419-8837, sonya.cheatham@acoem.com, or fill out our Training Interest Form.

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