Fixturlaser EVO and Dial Indicator Kit Named Finalists for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year 2014

VibrAlign, Inc., U.S. distributor of Fixturlaser shaft alignment products, is proud to announce that Plant Engineering has nominated both the Fixturlaser Dial Indicator Kit and the Fixturlaser EVO as finalists for the 2014 Product of the Year Award. The new Fixturlaser EVO laser alignment tool is highly compact, durable, and lightweight, making the unit easier…

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VibrAlign Introduces the New Fixturlaser Dial Indicator Kit

Dial Indicator Kit Components

Fixturlaser has developed a new dial indicator kit specifically designed to perform reverse dial alignments using the Verti-Zontal Compound Moves™ method. The Verti-Zontal method was developed by VibrAlign to make shaft alignments quicker and easier. It achieves this by reducing both the amount of bolt loosening and tightening as well as the number of moves…

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