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The roots of precision shaft alignment can be traced back to dial indicators, a tool invented in 1883 by a New England watchmaker. While dials can be tedious to use, this tried and true method for correcting misalignment is still embraced by many maintenance workers today.

We thought it would be a fun challenge to do a side-by-side comparison of an alignment with a traditional dials kit and a modern laser shaft alignment system. While one process is mechanical, the other is digital. One requires handwritten values, while the other automates them. Watch the video to see how a seasoned veteran aligning with dial indicators compares in a race against a newcomer aligning with lasers.

If you are interested in the laser alignment system used in the video by Eric, it is the AT-100. Accessibility, efficiency, and easy reporting are at the core of the AT-100, a horizontal shaft alignment system built by and for the user.

Click Here to learn more about the AT-100.

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