Reliable Precision Maintenance Training


Reliable Precision Maintenance

This class is the ultimate training session for anyone and everyone who works with industrial-grade equipment.

In this class our expert trainers incorporate a wide variety of topics into this 4-day course, including shaft alignment, vibration data collection and analysis, balancing, precision measuring tools, lubrication, mechanical seals, efficient maintenance practices, and more! The outcome is that students will receive essential knowledgepractical skills, and hands-on training in all aspects of precision maintenance. The skills taught in the Reliable Precision Maintenance class are vital for the success of any modern plant seeking reliability and efficiency. We have found that the significant amount of time dedicated to hands-on training is especially effective for absorbing and applying important information and skills.


  • Class length: 4 days
  • Designed to instill maintenance professionals with the core knowledge and skills required for success
  • Excellent student to instructor ratio
  • Taught by expert trainers with decades of maintenance experience on all types of industrial equipment
  • Use of simulators and real equipment
  • Significant hands-on training time
  • Instruction in efficient maintenance processes, as well as tools and equipment:
  • Precision measuring hand tools, proper belt and sheave installation, vibration testing, lubrication best practices, bearing and shaft fits, precision shaft alignment, rotating equipment balancing, and mechanical seals

Who Should Take This Class

  • Those who are new to the maintenance world
  • Experienced maintenance professionals who want to refresh their skills—and learn something new as well
  • Those who have a management directive to improve uptime and implement reliability into maintenance
  • Those who need to reduce maintenance costs and parts replacement
  • Those who must maintain efficiency with a reduced workforce
  • Any maintenance professionals interested in honing their skills and learning something new!


"Everyone should come to this class with an open mind… The instructors take the heartbeat and tempo of the class and feed off of that." – William Parker, Senior Maintenance Tech

"The instructors are phenomenal. They know what they’re talking about and they know the equipment." – Kelly French, Millwright Instructor

"Everything was applicable. I think everybody in this industry should go through this class. It felt like you tailored this class to us because it is exactly everything we do." – Royce Broadright, Maintenance Tech 

"Through this class we realized that our jobs have purpose." – Dwight Compton, Millwright Instructor

"I’ve been doing this for 36 years and the best part of the class for me is that you can teach an old dog new tricks. You can show them how to do things better and more efficient." – Scott Harris, Maintenance Foreman

"The hands-on experience in the class is nice and the experience of both instructors… they’re both really knowledgeable." – Charles Stolins, Maintenance Mechanic 

Cost and Schedule

The cost of our RPM class is $5,250 per student. This includes your own Precision Maintenance Toolkit with important tools such as a laser tachometer, a sheave groove gauge, a feeler gauge set, a digital caliper, and more, as well as a workbook and reference guide. We offer RPM several times throughout the year, so there is sure to be a set of days that will work for your busy schedule.