Safety First.

Maintenance of rotating machinery can be hazardous if proper safety procedures, company/OSHA guidelines, and good maintenance practices are not followed.  Be sure you:

  • Are properly trained and understand the task you are performing. If you are unsure, ask your supervisor, plant engineering department, or safety personnel prior to starting/resuming work.
  • Follow your company’s lockout/tag out, arc flash, personal protective equipment (PPE) and any other safety procedures in your facility.
  • Are aware of your surroundings, footing, hand/finger locations, and the location of personnel in your area.
  • Are sure all people, tools, guards, and work materials are safely positioned before de-energizing or re-energizing machinery, regardless of how many times the machine is started or stopped.
  • Allow rotating machinery to come to a complete stop, and de-energize all potential sources of stored energy, before starting/resuming work.

Following these guidelines will minimize the risk of personal injury and equipment damage.

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