Maintenance Solutions

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The ECO GE is custom-made with firmware and fixtures designed specifically for GE 1.5x and 2.5x. These precisely designed fixtures make…

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Bearing Defender

The patented, wireless Bearing Defender provides instantaneous feedback on bearing health. It is user-friendly, can be used on just about…

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The Smart Machine Checker is designed to be used by machinery mechanics to give a clear and accurate automatic diagnosis…

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NXA Runout Probe

The NXA Runout Probe is a simple electronic tool designed to detect and measure shaft runout. The new tool represents…

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NEST i4.0

Integrate your condition monitoring hardware and data with NEST i4.0 software.

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Belt Hog

The Acoem USA Belt Hog uses the pulley groove as the reference, allowing you to achieve a precise belt alignment…

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