MVX & MV-120

Item #
800-MVX-E16 - MVX-160 Easy 16 channels
800-MVX-E24 - MVX-320 Easy 24 channels
800-MVX-E32 - MVX-320 Easy 32 channels
800-MVX-P16 - MVX-160 Premium 16 channels
800-MVX-P24 - MVX-320 Premium 24 channels
800-MVX-P32 - MVX-320 Premium 32 channels
800-MV-120-01 - MV-120 12 channels

The MVX and MV-120 are powerful and intelligent, real-time, multi-channel data analyzers. The MVX and MV-120 gather multiple data-types, including vibration, IEPE, and voltage, in real-time, giving you the power to stop machine failures before they happen.

What's Included

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Product Information

ShockFinder™ for Shock Fault Indication
Allows for early detection of defects on slow-spinning shafts.

Two-way communication with PLC’s and CMMS, alerts through email, text message, and other logic-based outputs, and management of sub-optimal communication conditions for isolated machines.

Easy to Deploy
Communicate and transfer results automatically and reliably to the NEST i4.0 software via a secure Ethernet link. Operators can choose to use the local cabled network, a Wi-Fi network, or over the Internet via a 3G link, for example.

Full integration into your environment and process information is retrieved directly from the PLCs, eliminating any duplication of data. The advanced indicators defined can be transmitted in order improve process management, and maintenance management is optimized thanks to an interface with the CMMS system.

Scalable and Flexible
Handles almost any type of condition sensor and can be configured to handle from 16 to 32 channels of data.

For Any and Every Industry
Perfect for any industrial application: petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, water treatment, wind, manufacturing, wood products, and more.

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