NEST i4.0

Integrate your condition monitoring hardware and data with NEST i4.0 software.

What's Included

  • Acoem brand conditioning monitoring hardware is managed by NEST i4.0 software, centralizing information in one powerful system.
  • NEST i4.0 is a modular software suite providing easy access for all types of users, while at the same time integrating the range of condition monitoring hardware tools.
  • NEST i4.0 provides easy access to data from both portable (FALCON) and online (EAGLE and MVX)  data collectors, at one facility or across multiple sites.
  • All monitored data (continuous, periodic, and multi-technique) is managed within NEST i4.0’s central database. This offers unique analytical and data display capabilities, for example, displaying data for an entire facility through a single interface.
  • Data can be visualized and presented through a range of devices, displayed in the control room or linked to a CMMS to improve scheduling and activities.

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Product Information

Software Levels

NEST i4.0 software can be configured to fit your program today and then updated as it evolves into the future.

The NEST i4.0 Supervision module offers customizable reports to present data to decision makers as well as vibration experts for one or multiple machines at one or multiple sites, no matter which device was used by the technician to collect the data.

The NEST i4.0 Machine Setup module is the fastest available, using a simple drag and drop functionality to easily create virtually any machine using built-in or customized templates.

The NEST i4.0 Machine Health Matrix allows you to easily identify the health of your machines in just one screen.

Accurex™ Matrix (Patent Pending Technology) benefits include: accessing machine diagnostics at a glance (knowing what the detects are, where they are located, how important they are, and the confidence level), running speed detection alerts, and expert productivity reporting that will save you up to 50% on reporting time.

Custom Configuration

The result is that NEST i4.0 can be custom configured to exactly fit the needs of your condition monitoring program and to match your hardware selection.

For example, a program for mechanics will utilize the SMC machinery analyzer with no connection to the NEST required, while a new route-based program could rely on the Falcon Smart or Falcon Essential plus Nest Easy software. A more advanced program may call for the Falcon Ultimate, the Eagle and/or the MVX partnered with Nest Advanced or Nest Premium software. Any level program may also benefit from the addition of optional modules.

This gives Acoem condition monitoring a great deal of flexibility, making every installation and reporting configuration customizable to the needs of the customer.

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