NEST i4.0

Integrate your condition monitoring hardware and data with NEST i4.0 software.

What's Included

  • Acoem brand conditioning monitoring hardware is managed by NEST i4.0 software, centralizing information in one powerful system.
  • NEST i4.0 is a modular software suite providing easy access for all types of users, while at the same time integrating the range of condition monitoring hardware tools.
  • NEST i4.0 provides easy access to data from both portable (FALCON) and online (EAGLE and MVX)  data collectors, at one facility or across multiple sites.
  • All monitored data (continuous, periodic, and multi-technique) is managed within NEST i4.0’s central database. This offers unique analytical and data display capabilities, for example, displaying data for an entire facility through a single interface.
  • Data can be visualized and presented through a range of devices, displayed in the control room or linked to a CMMS to improve scheduling and activities.

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