VibrAlign Hosts the Fall 2017 “American Reliability Tour”, Free Reliability and Machinery Maintenance Seminars

Following the successful Realigning America Tours in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, VibrAlign has taken to the road with a new Tour for 2017. The Fall portion of the Tour offers 14 FREE workshops in Duluth, Denver, Portland OR, Cleveland, Tulsa, Charlotte, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Gonzales LA, Los Angeles, Norfolk, Houston and Midland TX.

While the past tours have focused on sharing best practices for shaft alignment, couplings, and machinery diagnostics, the 2017 tour dives deep into reliability topics including:

  • How to identify and correct persistent machinery problems.
  • Methods to increase the life of machinery.
  • Utilizing both existing and new technologies to increase equipment reliability.
  • Ways to re-focus your maintenance assets more productively.

As with VibrAlign’s previous tours, the 2017 American Reliability Tour content is customized to the attendees. During the registration process registrants can submit specific issues, problems, or subjects they would like discussed during the event.

The workshops are conducted by Tom Shelton, Stan Riddle, and David Zdrojewski, members of the VibrAlign Training Team who share more than 100 years of maintenance experience. The first half of the 2017 Tour, conducted in April and May, received great reviews and an overall rating of 4.75 stars (out of 5).

The Fall Tour begins on September 19th in Duluth, Minnesota and ends on October 26th in Midland, Texas. All tour events run for half a day, starting at 7:30 in the morning, with light snacks and beverages provided. Every tour event is completely free.

The American Reliability Tour is a fundamental component in VibrAlign’s mission to educate, equip, and empower the industrial workforce of America. As VibrAlign CEO David Zdrowjewski explains, “This year it’s all centered around enhancing reliability. It’s absolutely free of charge, absolutely no sales content…I hope you’ll join us.”

Those interested in registering for the 2017 American Reliability Tour can visit, where they will find the full list of locations, registration information, and a video about the Tour.

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