VibrAlign Introduces the New Fixturlaser ECO Wind Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Designed to Keep Wind Turbines Aligned

Fixturlaser ECO Wind

The new Fixturlaser ECO Wind shaft alignment tool features a slim form factor and wireless connectivity, as well as firmware and hardware brackets designed specifically for wind turbine alignment: Verti-Zontal Compound Move®, allowing shaft alignments to be performed in just one or two moves, Machine Defined Data firmware that stores templates, ensuring that the correct…

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VibrAlign Introduces the New Fixturlaser ECO Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Designed to Make Horizontal Alignments Easier and Quicker

Fixturlaser ECO

VibrAlign has introduced a new shaft alignment tool, the Fixturlaser ECO, which features a slim form factor, an adaptive user interface, and proprietary alignment firmware: Verti-Zontal Compound Move®, allowing shaft alignments to be performed in just one or two moves, Softcheck™ that checks and controls for soft foot, and Screen Flip that presents the machine…

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VibrAlign introduces the Fixturlaser SMC – Smart Machine Checker

VibrAlign Inc., exclusive U.S. distributor of FIXTURLASER alignment tools and ONEPROD brand condition monitoring systems, expands its product offering with the introduction of the Fixturlaser SMC. The SMC is a machinery diagnostic tool designed to give mechanics feedback on the health of their industrial machinery. The SMC detects more faults on more machines more accurately…

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VibrAlign Launches the “American Reliability Tour 2017” Featuring Machinery Maintenance Seminars in 28 Cities

Reliability Tour Logo

The American Reliability Tour 2017 follows VibrAlign’s successful series of Realigning America Tours mounted over the past four years. The original Realigning America Tours featured free seminars about shaft alignment, belt alignment and couplings. The upcoming Tour will provide valuable training and address attendee’s issues about condition monitoring and machinery maintenance. VibrAlign has expanded the…

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VibrAlign announces the HAWK Pump Challenge

VibrAlign Inc. announces the HAWK Pump Challenge.  The Challenge is designed to expose mechanics and reliability personnel to modern machinery diagnostics by applying the HAWK’s built-in automatic diagnostic software to analyze their most troublesome pump. When machinery mechanics or reliability personnel sign up for the HAWK Pump Challenge they will be contacted to set up…

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VibrAlign Releases The Alignment Field Guide

The Alignment Field Guide

Spanning over 250 pages, The Alignment Field Guide features articles covering a variety of shaft alignment topics, including common alignment issues, shims and hold down hardware, coupling alignments, belt and sheave alignments, and tips on saving time and money during your alignment procedure. The book also features full-color photos of alignments from the field, as…

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VibrAlign Introduces the Live Advice Feature for the ONEPROD HAWK Machinery Diagnostic Tool

VibrAlign Inc., exclusive U.S. distributor of ONEPROD brand condition monitoring hardware and software, expands the capabilities of the ONEPROD HAWK machinery diagnostic tool with the addition of the live Advice Button.  Live Advice connects the user with vibration experts from VibrAlign’s longtime partner, Reliability Point. Designed to provide analytical support, the Advice button team at…

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VIDEO – VibrAlign 2016: Year of Reliability

  In the face of turmoil in the economy, as well as in the shaft alignment industry, VibrAlign declares 2016 the Year of Reliability. In business since 1983 and now with a successful new alliance with Fixturlaser and ACOEM, our business is stronger than ever, as is our commitment to provide our customers with extraordinary…

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VibrAlign, Inc. launches the ONEPROD line of integrated condition monitoring tools

VibrAlign, Inc., exclusive US distributor of FIXTURLASER brand alignment products, is proud to announce a major expansion of its product offerings: The ONEPROD line of integrated condition monitoring products, developed by VibrAlign’s (and Fixturlaser’s) new parent company, ACOEM S.A. The ONEPROD brand, which includes the HAWK, FALCON, EAGLE, MVX, and NEST, is designed to both…

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VibrAlign Awards Scholarships to Three College Industrial Maintenance Programs

Chattanooga State Community College student Laura Horesovsky, Texas State Technical College student Kyle Everett and Southwestern Illinois College student Ashley Robinson wrote essays that won each of them a scholarship and earned their college’s industrial maintenance program a free state-of-the-art laser shaft alignment system. The national award is part of VibrAlign’s Realigning America scholarship program. …

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