VibrAlign Introduces the Fixurlaser Runout Probe, a Rotating Machinery Utility Tool

The new NXA Runout Probe is a simple electronic tool designed to detect and measure shaft runout and pipe strain. The new tool represents a unique application of a linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) to provide an easy-to-use but highly accurate measure of machinery problems that can confound the measurement and correction of shaft misalignment. Think of it as an electronic dial indicator.

The Probe connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate or NXA Pro laser shaft alignment tool.  The NXA has firmware routines that process the signal from the Probe to display either the live readings or the minimum and maximum observed values.

Runout of rotating equipment is defined as the amount to which the coupling or the shaft deviates from true circular rotation. The deviation is caused by either a bent shaft or by a mis-drilled coupling that rotates eccentrically. While misalignment is a more common problem, runout is more serious, as it imparts a dynamic load to the coupling versus the static load created by misalignment.

When measuring runout with the new NXA Runout Probe the best practice is to first measure the coupling for non-circular rotation. If runout is detected, the next step is to measure the shaft to determine if the runout is caused by a bent shaft versus an improperly bored coupling.

Pipe strain is another problem that can complicate the measurement and correction of misalignment. Pipe strain is unwanted stress or movement in machinery piping systems. It can be caused by a number of issues, including a lack of adequate pipe support, thermal growth and pressure changes. The NXA Runout Probe can be mounted to read either the pipe flange or the piping to measure the amount of pipe strain in different planes.

The NXA Runout Probe comes in its own carry case which includes the LVDT probe, a Bluetooth connector, a rechargeable battery pack and a 3-joint articulated arm attached to a magnetic bracket.  The arm is designed so the user can position the Probe as needed to take measurements from the coupling, the shaft, the machine feet and the pipe flange.

The Runout Probe is a perfect accompaniment to the Fixturlaser NXA, the most powerful, full featured shaft alignment tool available.

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