VibrAlign Introduces the New Fixturlaser ECO Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Designed to Make Horizontal Alignments Easier and Quicker

Fixturlaser ECO

VibrAlign has introduced a new shaft alignment tool, the Fixturlaser ECO, which features a slim form factor, an adaptive user interface, and proprietary alignment firmware:

  • Verti-Zontal Compound Move®, allowing shaft alignments to be performed in just one or two moves,
  • Softcheck™ that checks and controls for soft foot, and
  • Screen Flip that presents the machine on-screen from the same perspective as the actual machine sitting in front of the aligner.

The Verti-Zontal method, invented by VibrAlign, requires no re-measurements between the vertical and horizontal adjustments. The horizontal adjustment is carried out by the aligner while being guided by real values displayed on-screen.

The Fixturlaser ECO is an all-digital wireless shaft alignment tool with built-in Bluetooth connecting the dual sensors and the display unit. The sensors are each fitted with a 20 mm CCD detector that gives the user a high degree of measurement accuracy and precision, regardless of ambient light.

The display unit itself is compact, fitted with a 4” color screen, and easy to handle in tight spaces. It has a clean, color-coded graphical user interface that guides the maintenance professional through the measurement and alignment process.

The rechargeable batteries allow for 8 hours of continuous use when fully charged. The unit is IP65-certified to withstand harsh environments.

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