VibrAlign Introduces the New Fixturlaser ECO Wind Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Designed to Keep Wind Turbines Aligned

Fixturlaser ECO Wind

The new Fixturlaser ECO Wind shaft alignment tool features a slim form factor and wireless connectivity, as well as firmware and hardware brackets designed specifically for wind turbine alignment:

  • Verti-Zontal Compound Move®, allowing shaft alignments to be performed in just one or two moves,
  • Machine Defined Data firmware that stores templates, ensuring that the correct distances, target values and tolerances are used, and
  • Custom made brackets for Vestas, Mitsubishi, Siemens and GE wind turbines that can accommodate coupled or uncoupled alignments.

According to David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign, “Wind turbine alignments present unique challenges, including space limitations, criticality, and OEM-specific methodologies. The new mid-range Fixturlaser ECO Wind meets the challenge with wireless operation, compact form factor, and firmware and hardware designed specifically for wind turbine alignment.”

The Fixturlaser ECO Wind is an all-digital wireless shaft alignment tool with built-in Bluetooth connecting the dual sensors to the display unit. The sensors are each fitted with a 20 mm CCD detector that gives the user a high degree of measurement accuracy and precision.

The display unit itself is compact, fitted with a 4” color screen, and easy to handle in tight spaces. It has a clean, color-coded graphical user interface that guides the maintenance professional through the measurement and alignment process.

The rechargeable batteries allow for 8 hours of continuous use when fully charged. The unit is IP65-certified to withstand harsh environments.

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