Basic Concepts of Rotating Machinery Shaft Alignment Graphically Presented In A New Video From VibrAlign

VibrAlign, Inc. has released a new video entitled “Concepts of Shaft Alignment Part One:  The Basics.”  The video describes and depicts what happens when perfectly aligned, or “collinear” shafts move out of alignment, and the challenges of correcting the misalignment.

The video was based on ideas for visualizing alignment created by David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign.  According to Zdrojewski, “One of my passions is training alignment.  I’m on the road 40 weeks a year conducting training classes all over the United States.  Training alignment has given me some insight into how mechanics think.  We have applied that knowledge to creating useful and understandable communications.”

The video is available on VibrAlign’s Youtube channel.  Additional segments are planned and will be available soon.

VibrAlign has been providing shaft alignment expertise for 30 years to help America’s industry keep its rotating equipment operating.  This depth of experience and the company’s commitment to give back are the bases for VibrAlign’s Realign America campaign.  This expertise has also led to the development of a process for shaft alignment, which VibrAlign calls “Verti-Zontal”.  This new way to perform alignments can result in precision alignments being completed in record time.

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