During a recent training class at the facility of a client who had their initial Shaft Alignment Best Practices training class 5 years prior, I found out none of the previous class attendees were still in maintenance. The “new” guys never had anyone show them the proper use of their laser and most had no real precision shaft alignment experience.

Needless to say, they had a lot of alignment frustration! As they had been using their laser awhile, they had a lot of questions–which is actually a good thing.

We uncovered the causes of their alignment frustration and one mechanic summed it up best when he told me, “I thought I was doing something ‘big’ incorrectly; as it turns out, it was 4 or 5 little things.”

Mac MacCormack had a similar experience with a class several years ago. As the “little things” consistently come up as a major contributor to alignment frustration, I thought it worthwhile to share his blog “It’s the Little Things” again.

Remember Precision Shaft Alignment is a process. Skipping a step or two in the process leads to alignment frustration!

Go to: https://acoem.us/other-topics/its-the-little-things/ for Mac’s Little Things blog.

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