New Fixturlaser Dials App Available Free From VibrAlign Guides Users Through Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment

VibrAlign, Inc. is committed to helping businesses use their resources more efficiently and effectively through the precise alignment of the shafts of rotating equipment. As leading innovators in alignment processes, VibrAlign has teamed with Fixturlaser to revolutionize dial indicator shaft alignment with the launch of a new app called Fixturlaser Dials.

The Fixturlaser Dials App guides the user through the reverse rim dial indicator alignment process with a detailed 3D graphical interface.  The app performs all shaft alignment calculations for the user, greatly reducing the difficulty of dial indicator shaft alignment.  The app was designed with the goal of helping aligners perform dial indicator alignments quickly, correctly, and with greater confidence.

According to David Zdrojewski, VibrAlign CEO, “Fixturlaser Dials is an important part of our continuing effort to realign America. We want to help aligners do the best job they can and we’re doing that by providing them with this great tool that makes it easier to get accurate results.”

The Fixturlaser Dials app uses the Verti-Zontal alignment method developed by VibrAlign.  This method only requires 180 degrees of rotation, which means the dials don’t have to be rotated to 6:00. When correcting misalignment, the Verti-Zontal process corrects the vertical misalignment first, then uses live dial values to walk the movable machine into horizontal alignment.  This revolutionary method saves time and ensures accurate results.

Fixturlaser Dials is available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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