ONEPROD HAWK Named Finalist for Plant Engineering’s 2015 Product of the Year Award

VibrAlign, Inc., U.S. distributor of ONEPROD brand condition monitoring tools and FIXTURLASER shaft alignment products, is proud to announce that Plant Engineering has nominated the ONEPROD HAWK as a finalist for the 2015 Product of the Year Award.

The HAWK is a machinery diagnostic tool designed to give mechanics instant, on-demand feedback of the health of their rotating assets. The HAWK will identify machine defects, provide advice on how to fix the problem, and generate a detailed report on the health of the machine.

The HAWK is a mechanic’s tool. With its straightforward three-step process and graphical user interface the HAWK requires zero vibration expertise or certification to use. With no need for scheduling or route planning, the HAWK empowers mechanics to check the health of their machines when and where they need to. It is ideal for checking a machine after installation, post-repair, or anytime between reliability check-ins.

Using the HAWK is simple and straightforward. Users will first build a schematic of their machine in the NEST, a cloud-based PC program that comes with the HAWK. Using the drag-and-drop interface the user builds their machine by adding the motor, coupling, and driven component. The user is then prompted to enter the RPM and horsepower of the machine before the schematic is sent to the HAWK. Readings are then taken on the bearings of the machine. The wireless tri-axial sensor takes measurements in the horizontal, vertical, and axial directions simultaneously. After the readings are taken the user presses the “diagnosis” button on the HAWK, and a report appears showing machine defects, the HAWK’s confidence level in its analysis, and recommended next steps.

Like the FIXTURLASER NXA, the HAWK display unit is an industrial tablet with a color touchscreen that uses icons and straightforward instructions to guide the user through the three-step process. The display unit also comes with several built-in tools to help the mechanic deliver the most comprehensive machine health report possible: a stroboscope, used to pinpoint the exact RPM of a rotating machine, a laser pyrometer, and a camera for documenting sensor placement and machine defects.

According to Brian Shanovich, Product Line Manager for ONPROD at VibrAlign, “The HAWK is not intended to replace a vibration-monitoring program. It is designed instead to supplement any existing condition-based maintenance practices by giving the power of on-demand diagnosis to the people that know their machines best: the mechanics. Priced affordably, with the option of adding a powerful balancing package, the HAWK belongs in any industrial environment, from small machine shops to massive refineries.”

Designed by the engineers at ACOEM, the HAWK is one of four tools in the ONEPROD line of condition monitoring solutions. VibrAlign is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the ONEPROD brand and will continue to sell, train, and service the FIXTURLASER line of devices.

The Product of the Year award recognizes new products that help engineers, technicians, and manufacturers do their jobs safer, faster, and better. The finalists are chosen by members of the Plant Engineering staff from submissions in sixteen categories. The magazine announced the nominations and the start of voting by subscribers last month. Voting closes on January 8th, and winners will be announced March 22, 2016.

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